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Cover art for Anime's Media Mix

Book Review – Anime’s Media Mix: Franchising Toys and Characters in Japan

Steinberg, Marc. Anime’s Media Mix: Franchising Toys and Characters in Japan. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2013. Alexander Zahlten We have no doubt entered the age of the “trans-”. Conferences and journal articles are brimming with transnational, transdisciplinary, and transgender concerns. Indeed transmedia has become one of the central concepts of the re-reinvigoration […]

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Book Review – Pink Globalization

Yano, Christine.  Pink Globalization.  By Christine Yano. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2013.  Sayumi Takahashi Harb. Written in a breezy whirlwind of a conversational style, Christine R. Yano’s Pink Globalization offers the reader a panoramic view of the cultural and anthropological meanings behind Hello Kitty. Though it is not the […]

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Book Review – Hikikomori: Adolescence Without End

Saitō Tamaki. Hikikomori: Adolescence Without End. Trans. Jeffrey Angles.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2013. Amy Borovoy The phenomenon of hikikomori, in which Japanese teenagers and young adults withdraw into their homes or their rooms, limiting contact with outsiders for six months or more, is in many ways mysterious. Is it a […]