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Cover of A Drifting Life by Tatsumi Yoshihiro

Manga Review – A Drifting Life

Tatsumi Yoshihiro.  A Drifting Life. Ed. Adrian Tomine.  Trans. Taro Nettleton.  Montreal: Drawn & Quarterly, 2009. Tatsumi Yoshihiro.  Gekiga hōryū.  2 Volumes.  Tokyo: Seirinkōgeisha, 2008. Ryan Holmberg Since A Drifting Life has been out now for over two years in North America, over a year in France, over two in Spain, and over three in […]

Anime Review – Summer Wars

Hosoda Mamoru, director.  Samaa uōzu, 2009.  Translated as Summer Wars, subtitled DVD.  NTV/Funimation, 2011. Real World, Virtual World: One World is Enough for All of Us Jonathan E. Abel Summer Wars is like that pop song you can’t shake from your system.  At first it is subtle, even a bit annoying, like every other […]

Book Review – Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals

Marc Steinberg.  Review of Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals.  By Azuma Hiroki. Azuma, Hiroki. Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals. Translated by Jonathan E. Abel and Shion Kono. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2009. Japanese Postmodernity Reconsidered Marc Steinberg Is it possible to say anything truly new about the postmodern? Is it possible to make […]