Second Arc

The Mechademia series continues twice a year from the University of Minnesota Press, edited by Frenchy Lunning and Sandra Annett.

All submissions should be sent to the Mechademia submissions editor. Please indicate the title of the volume you are submitting to as follows: “Submission–[volume name]” in the subject line.

Submissions should be 5,000-7,000 words and follow the Mechademia style guide, which is based on the Chicago Manual of Style.

Vol. 11.1: Childhood

The first volume of Second Arc will be published in autumn 2018.

Vol. 12.1: Transnational Fandom, guest ed. Andrea Horbinski

The second volume of Second Arc will be published in spring 2019.

Vol. 12.2: Materialities Across Asia, guest ed. Stevie Suan

The third volume of Second Arc will be published in autumn 2019.

Vol. 13.1: Queer(ing), guest ed. James Welker (due 1 June 2019; published spring 2020)

This volume addresses queer identities and queering practices within East Asian media and fandoms. The editors welcome topics including:

  • fujoshi and fudanshi fan cultures
  • yaoi, Boy’s Love, and slash media
  • yuri, Girls’ Love, and femslash media
  • representations of queer identities in East Asian media (transgender, intersex, bisexual, pansexual, gender-fluid/genderqueer/nonbinary, asexual)
  • queer(ing) pornographies (hentai,” tentacles/“consentacles,” BDSM/fetish media)
  • queer(ing) fan practices (cross-play, maid cafes, butler cafes)
  • East Asian media and intersectional queer studies (sexuality and gender understood in combination with race, ethnicity, age, ability, nationality, religion, etc.)

Vol. 13.2: Episteme: Future/Past/Present (due 15 June 2019; published autumn 2020)

This issue explores issues of temporality and historical shifts in knowledge seen within East Asian media. Topics include:

  • Depictions of futurity, “modernism,” and advancement in East Asian media (science fiction, futurism, cyberpunk, discourses of technology)
  • Utopian/dystopian media
  • Engagements with historical events in East Asia or globally
  • Alternate chronologies, steampunk, historical revisionism
  • Time travel narratives
  • Epistemic histories: knowledge, periodization, “eras,” “generations,” or “waves” in media or fan culture
  • Systems of knowledge
  • Media ecologies

Vol. 14.1: Science Fictions 1, guest ed. Takayuki Tatsumi (due 1 June 2020; published spring 2021)

Vol. 14.2: Science Fictions 2, guest ed. Takayuki Tatsumi (due 15 June 2020; published autumn 2021)

Vol. 15.1: General issue (due 1 June 2021; published spring 2022)