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Book Review – Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals

Is it possible to say anything truly new about the postmodern? Is it possible to make any contributions to a discourse on postmodernity that has been so thoroughly explored, theorized, argued over and regurgitated in Anglo-American as well as Japanese public discourse? Azuma Hiroki’s Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals replies with a resounding […]

Book Review – Beautiful Fighting Girl

Saitō Tamaki. Beautiful Fighting Girl [Sentō bishōjo no seishin bunseki]. Translated by J. Keith Vincent and Dawn Lawson.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2011. Nina Cornyetz Saitō Tamaki’s 2000 Sentō bishōjo no seishin bunseki, skillfully translated by J. Keith Vincent and Dawn Lawson as Beautiful Fighting Girl, is the first book […]