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This internationally recognized three-day conference explores the global innovations and the creative and cultural implications of especially, though not exclusively, Japanese anime, manga, and gaming. The sessions combine the vibrancy of fan practices, a fashion show, and anime screenings with the presentations and dynamic discussions of keynote speakers, plenary speakers, academic papers and presentations from both established and emerging scholars, resulting in an enriching and unique experience. In recent years, we expanded our reach internationally by implementing remote presentation and attendance at the Minnesota conferences.

Since its inception in 2001, Mechademia has become an international center for discussion of the cultural study, creation, theories, aesthetics, semiotics, and history, as well as the fascination and wonder of the remarkably broad range of objects and practices that have developed around the global proliferation of Japanese anime, manga, and gaming. It was also the birthplace of the now internationally praised Mechademia vols. 1-10 book series published by the University of Minnesota Press.

In recent years, we have sought to bring the conference to Asian countries to both enrich the experience and to include scholars who may not have been able to attend otherwise. In 2012 the conference was held in Seoul, South Korea and in 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. Japan, as the birthplace of this culture, is key to establishing the conference’s standing in international scholarship.

Over the years, Mechademia participants have gained access to notable experts – both artists and scholars as keynote speakers — across a wide range of perspectives, such as Thomas Lamarre, Fujimoto Yukari, Taniguchi Tomoko, Azuma Hiroki, Sato Dai, Novala Takemoto, Paul Benjamin, Helen McCarthy, Susan Napier, Patrick Drazen, Christopher Bolton, Sharon Kinsella, Toku Masami, Antonia Levi, Brent Allison, Brian Ruh, Marc Hairston, Udon, Trina Robbins, Peter Paik, Crispin Freeman, C.B. Cebulski, Jeremy Ross, Wendy Siuyi Wong, Tim Lehman, Ke Jiang, Lea Hernandez, Frenchy Lunning, Brianna Wu, and Deguchi Hiroshi.

Since its inception in 2001, Mechademia has become an international center for discussion of the cultural study, creation, theories, aesthetics, semiotics, and history of anime, manga, and popular culture.

2017 Conference

Mechademia 2017: Science Fictions
Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Minneapolis, Minnesota
September 22-24, 2017

Keynote Speakers: Tatsumi Takayuki and Kotani Mari

The 2017 Mechademia conference schedule is available now.

Full Fashion Panic

The annual Mechademia Conference in Minneapolis devotes the 3rd day of the conference to the exploration of connections between fashion and lifestyle to costumes found in anime, manga, and other popular cultural objects. A significant part of this evening is the runway fashion show— Full Fashion Panic! — frequently a part of Minnesota Fashion Week. The mission of this fashion show is to explore the visual expressions through fashion in order to introduce alternative, indie, and up-and-coming designers to the community and fashion industry. This is a showcase of street fashion capsule collections inspired by Japanese popular culture and street styles.

Video featuring Samantha Rei, Director of Full Fashion Panic! during the Mechademia Conference 2011.

Zoom Room

ZOOM ROOM is an easy-to-use video conferencing platform — much like Skype, but of a higher resolution and greater flexibility — that allows us to bring in national and international participants and presenters and allows them to present Power Point and Keynote presentations; to attend their chosen sessions to ask questions and to come to the podium; and to watch keynote presentations. When you register, be sure to register as a ZOOM ROOM participant if you wish, instructions will be sent to help your participation.

Mechademia 2017: Science Fictions